Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Baby Fat

A good friend of mine Brookie from brought me into the light of our 10 year class reunions, and to top that off we have a family vacation we are trying to
plan, my girl friends from college want to go on a road trip, and a wedding!

Omg... Four years ago I weighted a whopping 125 lbs. I'm now sitting 22 lbs heavier after having my now 3 year old. To make matters worse I was only 15 lbs away just 3 months ago. My neighbor even mention how much weight I look like I've gained :((

The challenge is to loose 15 lbs, getting down to the low 130's before the end of June. Then continue into the 120's. Last time I was really dedicated to weight loss I lost 25 lbs in 9 weeks, with weight watchers.

Because of my previous goal to simplify life I have decided to use the free lose it! App for I phone, and jogging for exercise.

Here go the battle!

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  1. You will keep me motivated when I want to stop. :) Yay for HS reunions! Are you coming? I am so glad if you are! Bekah will be out of town, Steve doesn't want to go, & Jackie isn't traveling here for it. So, the only people that I know that are coming are Britt, you and possibly Sonya. I don't know if she plans to or not. Did you see the invite for the one Caleb is doing at a bar the night before? That one sounds fun. And, tell your neighbors to shut up. Who the hell says something like that?