Tuesday, June 18, 2013

House Plans Submitted!

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A little update on our house plans. We have officially been to 4 yes FOUR banks and no one wants to loan us money, so stressful. One of the Loan officers flat out said she didn't feel like it. It's not that we are not qualified ether. We are to bank number five and it's looking a lot better at this point. Since my first post we have spent a little bit of money and time getting the ball rolling.

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Yesterday, I submitted the house plans. I would post pictures of them but I haven't quite figured out how to imbed a PDF. I'll work on that. Prepaid $100 for submission. Brock started building the driveway and spent $100 on road base. It finally looks like we are making progress. (I forgot to take a picture)

Last Week, we had the property surveyed with a Topographical map per the county. I called around and asked a few friend the going price is around $2,500 we swindled our way down to $900. Brock bought all the stuff to build the power panel $250 he still needs to assemble it and have an electrician do the wiring. Then the city has to inspect it ($101) and we will have power available. I also picked up a really nice light fixture for $10 at habitat for Humanity, then my dad brought a wall sconce home he pulled out of a house.

I really want to keep detailed notes of what everything cost so I think this might be a good place to do it. Here is what the proposed cost at this point. House Proposed Cost.

Total Project Cost: $14,943.73

Owing the Man:about $4,700


  1. If not consider a plan with a smaller bedroom. In order to determine the total space of any room you multiply the length times the width and divide that by the total square footage of the home.

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  2. Our issues with financing were because of the rural location, in a HOA gated community, on a dirt road without road maintenance, and using a septic tank. When we were actually able to get financing the house appraised at 280k and our estimated cost were 150k with a 50k dollar contingency. Most of the other banks said it was out of the normal. So, they wouldn't finance the project. Even though it's within 20 minutes of the city. Silly Banks.