Thursday, November 7, 2013

Building Permits :)

It's official we have building permits!!!!

Our Beautiful Burnt Lot :)

When they said it's not easy to build a home that doesn't even compare to what it takes to get building permits. LOL.

So, the story goes something like this. Once upon a time in late August this year. Full of glee and excitement I went to the Summit County Health Department to pay them the fee of $200. The last thing that I need to do to get our building permits. Low and behold their was a really big hiccup. The HOA had appointed the least responsible people in the world. They had failed to do any of their contamination testing in the last 2 years or have a water system capable of supplying the community with enough water.... and the list goes on and on.

After talking with the Division of Environmental I found out that The HOA only needed to sign a document (and follow through with making the changes to the system to have enough safe water for the community) that would put the community in a corrective action plan. Did they sign the document. NO! Then they yelled at me for 11, yes, Eleven minutes straight; about how I ruined the water system for the WHOLE community. NO.... This process to this point had way exceeded the 6 week mark. My Brain was fried and I couldn't take much more of the lies and stress.

I hired an Attorney... for the first time ever. He was able to scare the HOA's attorney into submission. Drum Roll. 2 Months and 10 days later the HOA is now in a corrective action plan and we have our building permits. So Stay tuned and I will keep you up dated on what is going on.

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