Thursday, December 5, 2013

Raw Packed Canning Venison (Deer) Meat

Brock my husband and his little brother are avid sports men. Between the both of them I'm not sure if we can fit any more meat into a freezer. We literately have meat coming out the Wazoo. They have one hunt left in the season that they both got elk tags for now to New Years. Last year they brought home two.....I just got a new pressure canner and wanted to give it a try. Ty my brother in law gave us 20Lbs of unprocessed Deer and 20Lbs of unprocessed Antelope. I processed one bag and the others are sitting in freezer bags in my fridge now. I looked up a few different recipes on line and decided that I would take a little from each of them, plus reference from my Blue Ball Canning book.  The goal was to  give it enough flavor that you could eat it right out of the Jar but not so much that it was over powering.

Raw Packed Canned Venison

Prep time: 30 Min       Processing Time: 75 min at 10lbs. per Pint

2 TBL Chopped Onions and Red Peppers 
#1.25 Cubed Venison
1/4 tea. Canning Salt
1/8 tea. Black Pepper
Dash of Cayenne
1 Tea Minced Garlic
1+/- TBL. Beef Broth (I used Swansons)

1. In clean pint size jars add ingredients in the order that they are given to 1" below the rim. Then with a rubber spatula pull the meat way form the sides allowing most of the air bubbles to be removed and the broth to intermingle. Don't worry about having all of the air removed as the meat makes its own juices and fills in all the gaps.

2. Wipe the rims with a clean damp cloth, secure the lids and bands

3. Fill the Pressure canner with 2-3" of water that is the same temperature as the canning jars. Cold jars in hot water break. Load the canner, secure the lid and turn up the heat and let the steam begin, allowing a steady flow of steam for about 10 minutes . If you are using luke warm water it takes my stove about 20 minutes before I put the air lock on.

4. Put the air lock on the steam valve, let the canner pressurize, once to full pressure for your altitude start the timer. After 75 minutes at full pressure allow the canner to cool and depressurize on its own. (My canner full takes 1-2 hours)

5. When canner is depressurized remove the lid away from your face. Taking the jars out and setting them on a clean dry cloth. Check the seals. Anything that didn't seal properly store in the fridge and use first.

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