Saturday, June 9, 2012

Weekly Weigh In: Week 8

I lost .6 pounds this week. Not my best week for weight loss but I'm really happy with it. I have made it over one of my big weight loss humps. I have lost weight 46 pounds since I had my son and every time in the past when I reach my current weight I plateau, get discouraged, then stop trying.

This week was extremely difficult for me I was challenged every day with choices to eat unhealthy foods, sometimes I gave in but most of the time I didn't. I know that I could easily slip back into old habits. Yesterday, I took my son to the Zoo on a whim I didn't pack a lunch and leaving me with slim choices of fast food. I ate french fries and felt horrible after.

I went to my class reunion last night. One check off the list of fattening nights. I am excited for this week. I plan on being good and following my weight loss plan. My loseit tracker tells me I'm on track to reach my weight loss goal by August 8th. I truly believe that I can continue to lose weight easily, stay on track.

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