Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Weekly Weigh In: Week 12

I fell off the wagon :( but luckily I'm back on and moving down the road. In the last 4 weeks I gained 1.5 pounds. I'm still at a 6 pound loss. I'm super mad at myself that I gave up, well more like got discouraged.

I have joined a weight loss competition, right now we have 10 people in the contest. It's a $25 buy in winner takes all. I'm super motivated to win. I would really like to buy some new cloths. The contest ends on August 7th. If I work super hard and I am very diligent, I think I can make up the 6 pounds I should have lost last month plus the 1.5 I gained. If I do it will keep me on track to reach my weightloss goal by August 8th.

To give myself more of a motivator

Pre baby weight: 125
Baby delivery weight: 183
Weekly weigh in start weight: 147
Current weight: 141
Goal weight: 127
Weight left to lose: 14 pounds

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  1. i'm proud of you - i totally hope you win that contest!