Saturday, August 11, 2012

Cleanse Day 2 and Day 3

Day 2: The day was not bad, I waited a little to long to have lunch and ended up eating a piece of watermelon. I felt full most of the day. I watched everyone have dinner, which was a little difficult emotionally.

Morning weight: 134.6

Day 3: liquid diet only! I did awesome. I did have a few sips of v8, big no no. It's kinda funny but all I feel like doing is cooking. Today, I volunteered at our local food bank and they were going to through away a few boxes of pears, if they didn't get taken by the end of the night. I took home a box and made some pear juice and pear sauce. It was a rather rewarding experience. My husband thinks I'm crazy but it feels like if I prepare food for a later date, I have the satisfaction of eating what I made. 11 days to go. I'm not sure what the first thing I'll have to eat is but I'm guessing it will be the first thing in front of me. Btw, the smoothies are way better with pears. Better check with the Dr on Monday.

Morning weight: 131.6

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