Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Homemade Leftover Potpie

This is a receipt that is not actually a receipt but more of a use for good leftovers that might go to waste when the family gets sick of turkey/roast beef sandwiches.

Things you'll need

Meat (if you eat it)
Mixed Frozen Veggies
2 Pie Crusts

Raw Onions
Raw mushrooms

So, it's  pretty easy. I make small pies using little Pyrex containers to accommodate all our personal flavors, allergies and meat aversion.

I make a veggie gravy from mushroom seasoning (I buy it from the Asian store), pepper, oregano, and corn starch. If you don't know how to make gravy. I'm sorry you haven't learned yet.... Read the corn starch bottle. For the meat eaters: If the bones are still available I boil them in about 4 cups of water till the broth starts to look like broth, then I beef it up with gravy mix if needed or thicken it with corn starch if needed.


Potato carrot mix
Mushroom onions
Frozen veggies

Pie crust

Bake 400 degrees for about 30 minutes till bubbly and crust is brown.

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